FLI Jena - Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy

Former NMR Facility


Kernspin - Resonanz - Gebäude

The NMR building of the FLI was operational from December 18, 1995 until October 2015. The equipment had included two narrow-bore and one wide-bore spectrometer. The Bruker Avance III 750 MHz and 600 MHz narrow-bore spectrometers were used for the structure determination of biomolecules in solution. At the 600 MHz spectrometer a triple channel high-sensitivity cryoprobe was running.


The 500 MHz wide-bore system features 'magic angle spinning' equipment for the study of biomolecules in the solid state. In 2007, solid state equipment was added also to the 750 MHz spectrometer. Linux- and UNIX-based workstations for the evaluation of NMR spectra and structure calculation as well as the required setup for the production of isotope (13C, 15N, 2H) labeled proteins, RNA and peptides were located next door in the laboratory of the former group of Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy.








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